Dens, a tooth-like process on the axis (the second cervical vertebra). From the Latin word for tooth, dens.

An alternative name for the dens is odontoid process (from the Greek odous, tooth, and -oeides, shaped). The term is no longer recognized by the Terminologia Anatomica, but is still firmly entrenched in the anatomical lexicon.

Other words related to dens: dentist, dentate (having a toothed or serrated edge), trident (a three-pronged, or toothed, spear), dandelion (from the French dent de lion, "tooth of the lion", referring to the dentated edge of the plant's leaves), and dentine (also dentin), the bone-like tissue that makes up the bulk of the tooth.

Anterior view of the axis. The oval facet visible on the dens articulates with the anterior arch of the atlas. wheelessonline.com

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