Adipose is derived from adeps, the Latin word for grease, lard, or animal fat (see abdomen). The first recorded English use of adipose was in the mid-18th century. It is not known who coined the term.

Adeps had already entered the English language in the 17th century, meaning fat generally, but also referring specifically to the internal abdominal fat of the hog, usually that of the mesenteries, omentum or renal adipose tissue, that had been removed and purified for use in the preparation of skin ointments.

Other words derived from adeps (from http://www.wordinfo.info):
  • adipocere: A grayish fatty substance generated on or in dead bodies that were buried in moist places or submerged in water. It can persists for centuries (synonyms: grave wax, lipocere).
  • adipescent: Becoming fatty
  • adipophobia: An abnormal fear of being too fat
  • adipate: To feed fat.

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A painting of adipose tissue
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