Mons, Latin for mountain or mound. It's only use in anatomy is in mons pubis ("pubic mound"), the raised, fatty pad that develops at puberty in females. Covering the hard symphysis pubis and pubic arch, it functions as a cushion during missionary-position sexual intercourse, with additional protection for the skin provided by a covering of pubic hair. The alternative term of mons veneris, ("Venus's mound", named after the Roman goddess of love) is no longer commonly used.

The male equivalent was humbly named the mons jovis (after Jove, aka Jupiter, the supreme Roman god). Perhaps because the male's very slight elevation is not worthy of a top-dog deity, the term has disappeared.

Left lateral view of the mons pubis.
Adapted from www.br.wikipedia.org

Other terms ultimately derived from mons include montane (existing in a mountain area) and Montana.

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